Friday, December 30, 2011

Visiting the Polynesian

As we are re-watching the Disney Christmas parade, I figured I would catch up on some blogging! I finished two more outfits for our trip to Disney this week. I would have sewn more but I have been sick with the same thing yet again...uggg. But hopefully I can sew a little more this weekend!

 So this is Brooklyn's outfit. She picked ruffled Easy Fits and an appliqued tee! I added in the wording too!

Devon wanted a skirt so I decided to do a simple yolk skirt. I measured her waist and made the yolk 1.5 times her waist in length and about 6 inches in width. I then took two widths of fabric by the width I needed (12") and joined them, then hemmed and gathered it to fit the yolk. Then I cut elastic to be stretchy comfy but tight enough to hold up the skirt. I made a guide at the top of the skirt and that gathered it the rest of the way to make a very comfy, twirly skirt! Devon also requested a top rather than a tee so she picked out the Simply Sweet top with ruffled sleeves and a bottom ruffle too! Love how it turned out!!! I showed it with and without a tee underneath.

 This is the back....

My next project is to make a Cinderella gown. I really have to get going with it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be well enough to do it!!!
 Happy New Year if I am not back in time to say it!!!
God Bless,

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