Friday, December 30, 2011

Visiting the Polynesian

As we are re-watching the Disney Christmas parade, I figured I would catch up on some blogging! I finished two more outfits for our trip to Disney this week. I would have sewn more but I have been sick with the same thing yet again...uggg. But hopefully I can sew a little more this weekend!

 So this is Brooklyn's outfit. She picked ruffled Easy Fits and an appliqued tee! I added in the wording too!

Devon wanted a skirt so I decided to do a simple yolk skirt. I measured her waist and made the yolk 1.5 times her waist in length and about 6 inches in width. I then took two widths of fabric by the width I needed (12") and joined them, then hemmed and gathered it to fit the yolk. Then I cut elastic to be stretchy comfy but tight enough to hold up the skirt. I made a guide at the top of the skirt and that gathered it the rest of the way to make a very comfy, twirly skirt! Devon also requested a top rather than a tee so she picked out the Simply Sweet top with ruffled sleeves and a bottom ruffle too! Love how it turned out!!! I showed it with and without a tee underneath.

 This is the back....

My next project is to make a Cinderella gown. I really have to get going with it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be well enough to do it!!!
 Happy New Year if I am not back in time to say it!!!
God Bless,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting it together.....sort of!

How are you doing???? We're about a week away from Christmas and I think we're just about ready here. We just finished up the last two traditional activities we participate in each December! I think this last week of school may include a party or two for the little girls! I made dresses for both of the girls for both of these events.... of course!!

I made Devon a Santa penguin dress...with fun and colorful fabric. She picked out the applique for the top and I kept the rest of the dress simple. I made Brooklyn a dress to go along with the cutest Nativity set I've ever seen. The appliques were made by the very talent behind Bows and Clothes! She has fabulous designs that always stitch out so nicely. Great customer service too!!!

So I think I showed you these preview shots last time...

I went with the Simply Sweet halter for Devon and jumper for Brooklyn. My friend, Carla, created this pattern and I have to say I've made so many dresses from it!! It's a classic!!!

I actually pulled out my old machine with the ruffler attached to make the ruffle for the bottom. If you need to make lots of ruffles, nothing beats this contraption! Usually it comes with little to no directions, however, but Carla made a great tutorial if you want to learn how to adjust your ruffler.

 The skirt and the ruffle ready to go...
 So here is the ruffle before.....

And after....
I worked on the rest of the dress and finished it up that night! However, I still needed to make Devon's dress. I had already done the applique on the bodice earlier but I was just too tired to start a dress at 8:30 pm. And we needed it in the morning! So I just got up early and was able to put it together rather quickly! Devon had decided the night before to wear her cream sweater dress so that's what she wore to have breakfast with Santa. Then she wore her Santa Penguin to Ferry Merry Christmas. I am hoping they both wear them to school this week too! 

My final projects this week are an appliqued top for a friend and I think I may need to make some pajamas for PJ Day at school....uggggg..... they have Christmas pajamas but they are wrapped under the tree so we can't use them. I am also making some pj bottoms for my hubby and then I think I am done for the year! Yaaa!

So here are the final pictures of the dresses.....and if you go to my other blog you can see them in!! Here is Brooklyn's dress:

And here is Devon's dress:

Says it all, huh??? I really hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright! Thanks for checking out my blog! I will be back next week!!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
God Bless,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sis Boom Quilt!

Hello Again!
I am back with a quick update! I finished the quilt for my mom! I made it bright and cheerful, filled with gorgeous Sis Boom fabrics! I backed it with fleece and it is sooo cozy warm! I hope my mom likes it! So here is the whole process...

First, I selected squares from all of the ones that I cut this summer. I tried to match/contrast fabrics to make 8 blocks. Than I cut into triangles and made an 8 triangle block. Above is the first block complete! Below are 2 blocks and 4 blocks!

I ended up making 8 blocks total. 

Then I squared the blocks and added white borders and used small blue blocks at the intersections. Here is the partially done blocks and borders.....

 And the completed center of the quilt. I added a border of tiny 2 inch blocks all the way around!

Finally I added a large blue border to set the whole thing off! Then I layered the quilt with the fleece, batting and quilt top. I pinned it!

And spent a few days quilt it... I did a random pattern for the center and a flower pattern on the border! I then had to make binding. I love to make and press my own. I stitched it to the edges with a wavy stitch. And I was all done!!! Yaaa!

Here's the back.....

All folded and ready to wrap and ship!


 And before I is a sneak peak at my next two projects!!!

I had better get busy huh???!! Be back when I am done!
God Bless,