Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sis Boom Quilt!

Hello Again!
I am back with a quick update! I finished the quilt for my mom! I made it bright and cheerful, filled with gorgeous Sis Boom fabrics! I backed it with fleece and it is sooo cozy warm! I hope my mom likes it! So here is the whole process...

First, I selected squares from all of the ones that I cut this summer. I tried to match/contrast fabrics to make 8 blocks. Than I cut into triangles and made an 8 triangle block. Above is the first block complete! Below are 2 blocks and 4 blocks!

I ended up making 8 blocks total. 

Then I squared the blocks and added white borders and used small blue blocks at the intersections. Here is the partially done blocks and borders.....

 And the completed center of the quilt. I added a border of tiny 2 inch blocks all the way around!

Finally I added a large blue border to set the whole thing off! Then I layered the quilt with the fleece, batting and quilt top. I pinned it!

And spent a few days quilt it... I did a random pattern for the center and a flower pattern on the border! I then had to make binding. I love to make and press my own. I stitched it to the edges with a wavy stitch. And I was all done!!! Yaaa!

Here's the back.....

All folded and ready to wrap and ship!


 And before I is a sneak peak at my next two projects!!!

I had better get busy huh???!! Be back when I am done!
God Bless,

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