Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back into the appliques

Hello All!
I am excited to say that I am now able to applique again! When we switched computers (pc to apple), my sewing machine was left in the dust! I was unable to connect the two together anymore. I let it go for a few months and then started trying to figure out what to do about it. After some help from the nice people on the Janome forum, I was able to use a reader/writer and a special card to get designs from my computer to my sewing machine. It took a while to figure it all out but I finally got it to work! Yaa! I am back in business. This picture is from the first app I was able to do since Feb!

And just in time too. I wanted to make special cruise outfits for two adorable children who were going on a Disney cruise. I used a pattern (not that great of a pdf so I am not linking to the pattern) from a different designer for the girl's ruffle top. I was able to get through it but I am worried it came out bigger than I wanted. I also made some board shorts and capris from Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits for the both tops. I appliqued the tee and the bodice of the top. I LOVE the fabric. Its Riley Blake "Stars and Strips". I think that's what it's called. So here's what I did:

 In case it was a little big, I made three sets of buttons!

I also made a few apps for my friend who is going to use them to make a pillows for their  Disney Cruise.  I was really on a roll, huh...

Lets see what else have I been up to??? Oh I know, I have gotten a little bit farther on my quilt top...still have to do a special border for it but here it is so far....

Its certainly going to be bright and cheerful if nothing else! hahahaha.

And I made a skirt too....which I will show you in my next post! I think we are going to do another blog tour soon so I will save it for that. I will leave you with some shots of fabric I have ordered recently! I am considering making some customs and things so I have been ordering up a storm!!!

So exciting.....what should I make first?????????

Ok everyone, have a great weekend!!! I will sew something and show you all soon. I think some doll clothes are next up in the queue!
God Bless,

Monday, June 25, 2012


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special birthday gift!

Hello Everyone!!
I am just taking a break from cleaning and organizing (and getting things together for next week's yard sale). I wanted to share a little outfit I made yesterday! Its for a sweet sweet angel of a baby who is turning 1 this summer. I made the outfit from Michael Miller's line called Oh La La....really bright, fun and colorful! I found two great patterns from Whimsy Couture called the Criss Cross Tunic and Frilly Bloomers. The tutorials were great and I would definitely recommend them!! The tunic is reversible and I swapped out the back so it contrasted. I did add one other fabric for one of the butt ruffles too from another line. So here it is.....took some daytime pics on the fence before I mail it out!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you have a Happy Home?

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to be sharing my project from Jennifer Paganelli's latest book, Happy Home. This book is gorgeous... filled with inspiring pictures and many different projects!

As my first (of many) projects from the book, I choose Pretty Boxes because they are so beautiful as well as being unique and useful! Wouldn't these make a nice gift too? I liked that the pattern could be applied to a variety of boxes with or without lids attached. I purchased three different-sized boxes so they could be stacked or nested as shown in the book. These sturdy plain boxes can be purchased from Michael's Craft very reasonably (under $3 each)

Here are a few mid-project pics: 

I also added some decorative ribbon. I placed a line of glue and pressed the ribbon into it. You could also use hot glue for this and don't forget to seal the ends of the ribbon:

I let it dry:

And...whalaaaa....all finished!

I made six boxes so far. And I am making more this weekend! It didn't take long to do and was such a relaxing fun project. As a side-note, you can see I used newspaper and plain paper to cover the area when working with spray adhesive. That stuff rocks but don't get it where you don't want it! 

So here are pics of the completed projects...

Nested boxes:


Boxes all around:

Large box: 
Medium box:

Small box:
 Side by side:

And stacked:

Both Sets:

I was very pleased with the results...what a great way to organize things and hid them away in style! Plus, I just love seeing Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics around the house! I little glimpse of heaven. Which, of course, brings me to the title of the book....these projects bring such energy, warmth and happiness to your home....making it a very HAPPY HOME, indeed!!!

Thank you for following along on today's Blog Hop stop! For the next stop, please refer to Jenny Fish's blog Sew Pretty Dresses. The most amazing thing is that she taught me how to add a button to my blog...check it out:

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