Friday, July 20, 2012

It worked!!!!

This can only mean one thing! I am working on a give-away! Yippy!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Projects in the works!

Hello Everyone!
Can you believe July is half over? Time is flying by! Wow! I have been busy sewing a few things that I thought I would share. First I made a cute little skirt to go with some 4th of July tees I had picked up. I tested this pattern for Whimsy Couture and it is now available in her Etsy store on sale no less! Click here to see it! Excellent directions and pdf....definitely recommend it! I loved the shirring makes the skirt nice and stretchy and comfy at the same time!

 You use elastic thread in the bobbin and just start stitching row and it gathers it for you.
 I made a belt with the coordinate and used some ribbon for the belt loops:
 I bought this blade for my rotary cutter but it can only cut one layer at a time :( And when I cut fabric I am often working with two or four layers.
 I ended up just buying a new pair of pinking those things! I cut then zig-zag all of the seams.
 Here is the finished skirt with my beautiful model, Brooklyn! She is looking mighty patriotic!!!

Perfect for going to see fireworks!

I have also switched over to making a few custom things for my wonderful customers. It really got started during a resell phase and after a few requests, I decided to sew for others.....finally. I have been sewing for my family and friends for years but now I am branching out a bit. Here is my Facebook page where I post all kinds of sales and updates. 

I absolutely love the Grace dress pattern by my friend Lisa of Funktional Threads. She is a fabulous seamstress and uber talented!!!  So she really inspired me to make a princess dress with all of the princesses that you can meet in the Magic Kingdom. So here it is:

I am currently offering it on my facebook page with a personalized drawstring bag!


Finally, I also have a few resells left including this Magic Kingdom Attractions Galore dress....which is also a Grace dress! It was worn Disney...
 And I really want to find another "home" for it so it can be shared and loved by another little girl!!! Here's a few more close-ups of it:

 Please check out Sewing Story Projects on facebook for more information!


So that is what I have been up to this month. I am also working on my quilt involves making 100+ rectangles!! I will have to take some update pictures.....going to work on it today. Hope you have a great week everyone!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rosetta Ruffle for some summer fun

Hello Everyone!
For the last few evenings I have been working on a summer bag for myself. About time since it is already July 11th! Ha! I wanted to make a medium size Rosetta Ruffle (available in the Etsy shop) with some of my new Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom fabric. Of course this requires me to select and CUT the fabric. Ok.... you know you are borderline fabric hoarder when you no longer want to use the fabric you would rather just look at it on the shelf. Ok, yes, I had to overcome a bit of don't-cut-itus. But I did it! 

Here are the selected fabrics:
The pattern is fun because you can make it in three different sizes and with lots of contrasting fabrics or all of the same. So I enlisted the help of some sewing friends and we decided to use the three on the right as the ruffles. The three on the left would be lining and pockets. So here is the first outer side completed:
 Then both sides complete. These two sides take the longest.
 Here are the two lining pieces with their respective pockets.
 I made one of the pockets a little larger so it could hold my ipad.
 Here are the two straps. I made them the required length but I almost wish I had added an inch or two. Next time I make these I will have to remember to do that! But it still works....I just must like longer straps.
 Here are some bad indoor shots of the completed bag:
 The inside:


So today I brought my bag outside to get a better pic of it. Here it is before I filled it with stuff:

It had lots of pockets inside and lots of ruffles outside. Love it! Perfect for some summer fun! I took it with me today when I took the girls to Cape May to see the play, "Alexander's Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Day"!  With my new bag, I can happily say I had a pretty good day! Hope you did too! God Bless,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who is cooking in style???

Hello All!
How was your Independence Day? We hid inside with AC until we had a BBQ! We made a few desserts and I finished up a cute Chef's Outfit for a birthday gift for a friend's daughter. She requested this outfit months ago and I was so excited to be able to do it for her. Her daughter had just gotten into American Girl dolls, so this was perfect. I just LOVE sewing these cute ensembles from my friend Carla. They are available in her Etsy Store and come with several pieces each. This set was Volume 4. I made the skirt first, then the peasant dress, then the apron and the hat. All the seams are zig-zagged and top stitched. It should last with lots of play!
Thanks for stopping in. I will be back with more soon!
God Bless,