Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a Small World!

Hello All,
I am very excited to share the latest dress I made for our Disney trip...this time it was Brooklyn's request....It's a Small World dress! For all of these customs, I had ordered fabric from JoAnn Fabrics during a sale and I had purchased applique designs from a variety of places or used what I already had. After cutting out the fabric, I assembled my appliqueing supplies...

 The girls pulled out the horse stuff to play while I sewed....I love that!!

 My thread and applique fabric, spray and iron. I have quite a system!

 I loved these cute designs!!!

The finished appliques ...ready to assemble the dress!

And here is the final dress! This is the front.....

 And then I took a bunch of pictures of the appliques around the dress...

 Close up of the bodice....
 This is the back!
Brooklyn is really excited about wearing this dress! So I checked this one off of my list! Not sure what I am going to work on this weekend. Any guesses???
Have a great Friday!!!!
God Bless,
I am adding in here that the pattern I used, Simply Sweet, is by The Scientific Seamstress and is available here!!
And if you are interested, here is a link to the appliques too! :) 


  1. Love it! The appliques are so cute! What do you use the spray for?

  2. Sooo darling! Can't wait to see her wearing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Incredible dress! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Such an adorable dress! And the digitizer and pattern designer are two of the sweetest people!