Monday, November 21, 2011

Ruffles and Gathers!

Hello All!
How are you? I have been sewing off and on throughout these November weekends and actually finished two more dresses for our upcoming Disney trip. I officially stopped sewing however for Disney until all of my Christmas projects are done and mailed out! 

So I made a dress for both girls with  a few ruffles which I did by hand. I do have a ruffler that I usually use, but decided to do these by hand! I used the same pattern, Simply Sweet by the Scientific Seamstress. For the ruffles, I simply doubled the width (of the back skirt) for the ruffle strips, folded and gathered three rows of ruffles. I pinned them on upside down and stitched. Then flipped them down, pressed them and topstitched. Then I assembled the front and back skirts at the sides as usual. Easy but more time consuming than usual.

So this is Brooklyn's Finding Nemo dress. Its for Epcot. If you have ever taken the clamshell ride, they're always saying "Where's Nemo?" so the bodice plays off of this theme. Around the bottom are Marlin and his friends looking for Nemo ( or fish are friends not food!). If you turn to the back, it seems that Crush has found Nemo.....hey dude!

The back!

Next I made a dress for Devon. She wanted one with Tinkerbell and all of her fairy friends. So I found a bunch of different appliques and sayings and arranged them on the front of the dress. Again, I put lots of ruffles around the back for her with some cute purple Tink fabric! I took these pics after work and it was already dark!

 The  bodice says I Believe with Tink and Peter Pan...

 And this says All You Need Is Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust.

 Here is the back with all of the ruffles!

 I added Tinkerbell Bottlecap "buttons"....they're not really buttons but more for detail. :)

And there you go! I have managed to make some outfits for Thanksgiving. But I will show those in my next update! Have a great week! Its going to be raining for a few days! We need it!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Safe journeys if you are traveling!
God Bless,