Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on my quilt

Hello all!
How's is your Memorial Day Weekend? We have been blessed with excellent weather! We were able to go to the beach yesterday and it was so much fun.

 (Before I start I just had to share how tickled I was that Jennifer Paganelli and Madeline, her assistant, were on Fox and Friends in NY over Mother's Day Weekend. They showed off some great projects and her new book Happy Home! Way to go beautiful ladies!!!!!!!)


I also got in some sewing and I want to share with you how far I have come on my Happy Fish Quilt. After cutting and cutting and cutting, I had piles of large and small squares----------------->

I also cut all of the background squares and triangles out of a pretty small dot on white fabric. I made piles to keep everything organized.

Next, I had to sew the large squares to the background squares and cut them into triangles. Joan Ford in Cut the Scraps had a great way of doing this! You stitch diagonally and across and cut and whalaaaa....... four triangles/squares already stitched to the background fabric! You can see to the left and above of the little cutting board, I had completed stacks of small triangles/squares. When you press the triangles open and they became 2" squares.

 Below are my completed piles of squares and triangle/squares. I matched each larger square to 5 smaller triangles/squares:

So in the next step, I had to assemble a "fish block". I switched to my 1/4" seam allowance foot. It has a guide along the edge so that you get a straight 1/4" seam (hopefully)!

 Can you see the black metal piece on the side...that is the guide! Love this foot for quilting when accuracy is of extreme importance.
 Here I stitched two squares together. Can you see the straight seam on the left....that is due to the foot!
 After stitching two squares and three squares together, I was to attach them to the large square. It was to make a 5" fish block! And here's what happened... can you spot my mistake?
Yep, I reversed the blocks somehow. So I seam ripped it out and started again. I developed a little system so I could lay out my small squares and orient them to the larger block. Here is my fixed fish...
 I used my 6" ruler square to orient the blocks. This worked great.
 Soon I had a system going. Good thing since I had to assemble 59 fish!
I took pictures of each set of colored fish as I assembled them. It took me about 2 weeks to do this because I only had limited sewing time until after softball and dance recitals were over. The girls often came in and played with their American Girls while I stitched away!

So here are my completed fish groups....the orange fish...
 ...the yellow fish....

 ...the green fish...
 ...the purple fish....
 ...the blue fish....
 ...the aqua fish...
 ...and the pink fish!

And there you go! Lots of fish to organize into a quilt top! I will keep you posted on how it all works out!


I am also excited about my fabric that I have purchased for summer projects. I will end this short update with some of it. To me fabric is like artwork! I had to organize my fabric shelves to fit it all in!

 Sis Boom loveliness!!!
 Ok I managed to squeeze everything in!

So I am off to make breakfast for everyone. I also just wanted to take a moment to pray for our veterans and active duty and thank them for all of their sacrifice and service for our country.
(Pretend this says Memorial Day ;) )
God Bless,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Talent abounds!

Hello Everyone!
Hope May has begun with some sanity somewhere. Cause we are running running running here. Every May is like that though. Fun! But the end is in sight.....counting the days!

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful and talented friends. I am just in awe most days! Not only are they wonderfully talented but they are good people....caring, generous, loyal and loving! So I thought today I would link up to several of them here on the blog.


First my friend Shannon just opened a shop for vinyl creations for inside and outside! Its called VinylLicious. You can just go to town with wall art made with this stuff...sayings, pictures, just all cool stuff!

My friend, Jennifer Fraunfelder, has a store called SouthernBabies, which specializes in adorable children's clothes. Here is a link to her Etsy store, Southern Babies Etsy. Just feast your eyes on all of those great outfits and fabric. If you have a pageant girl, she can also create beautiful paegant wear!

Jamie Harned also has a terrific blog going called Sweet Baby Jamie. She has a great giveway in the works so check it out! Of course her store is just a great! Sweet Baby Jamie is perfect for the little ones in your lives. Is there anything cuter then the crib bumpers or quilts???

Here is another adorable etsy store called Small Town Girls Clothier run by my friend April Landes. Look at those ruffles on the cute!

Now, Judy Buchanan, of Hickity Pickity, offers the cutest tops, skirts and dresses. Again, the ruffles get me every single time! Notice the gorgeous fabrics!

My friend, Tom Jordan, opened his facebook boutique called Heavenleigh Blessings with a bang! I have been blessed with owning a Tom Jordan made dress and it is truely out of this world! Love his creative designs and master use of details.....swoon!

Speaking of facebook boutiques, my friend Nicole Whitehead, has some beautiful things in her Sara Ashley Boutique. She offers some beautifully made resort wear, fun for all ages!

You might find my friend, Becky Collins, out and about with Granny B's Clothesline, in one of the many shows she does. Look at all of those colors and fabrics and ruffles lined up ready to go!!!

I just recently purchased some fabric from my friend, Andrea Thomas-Lambe, owner and designer at Thomas Park Gifts. She offers many boutiquey type things for children and adults too! Wonderful!

Need something fabulous? Look at this shop, Tre Bella Bambini, that my friend Elissa Ziccardi created! Look at those amazing dresses!!

Jessica Lee, a talented and very busy sewist,  has a great store called Magical Memories by Jessica  on facebook. She makes the most awesome family sets of tees and dresses, great for travel and making memories!!!

I am just getting warmed up here folks. This is only about 1/4 of my list!!!! Can you understand how amazed I continue to be??? I will definitely be adding to this list for the next few blog posts!

Of course, I can't really move on until I share some exciting news! My friend, Jennifer Paganelli, who is behind the fabulous Sis Boom fabrics.....has released her book called Happy Home. And, yes, I really really want to move in !!!!! I was fortunate enough to be able to get a signed copy of this awesome book!!!! Cannot wait to try out these projects!

 Oh happy me!!!!

So I have been ordering some fabulous fabric to make quilts and clothing with Jennifer's book and with Carla Crim, The Scientific Seamstress, patterns! (This is just a partial look...more is coming!)

I have gotten started making my first quilt in a while actually. I love Joan Ford's book, Cut The Scraps! So I decided to take some bright colored fabrics and create a Fish Quilt! I love the process of cutting and assembling it! Here are some pics of the process so far....

Deciding which fabrics to use...aka "auditioning fabric":

 Beginning the process of cutting....
 Dividing cut peices by color...
 Beginning assembling and cutting blocks down further....

And last but not least, I recently tested one of Carla's patterns called Poofy Pants! Talk about wonderful! They are reversible which hides all of the seams. They are a bit curved too, just like a little baby and, of course, they have plenty of diaper room! I made a cute matching onesie to go with the pants. Too bad they are just for babies. I want to hang out wearing these!

Did I mention I opened a store? Here is a link to it:  Sewing Story Projects
This set is there and the Leighanna top I made last month. Only two I will add more as I get a chance to sew (after the month of May!!!)

Ok so I am off to take care of my daughter who is home sick today....headache and fever....poor thing. Have a super week and I will be back with more soon!!!
God Bless,