Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ariel's Dinner Dress

Hello again,
It took me a few days but I just finished Ariel's dinner dress (it's pink) for Devon. I was inspired by this picture:

I used a commercial pattern actually...which I havent done for years and years. Since it was basically a simple dress, it wasn't too bad. Not Carla...but it was ok! I used Simplicity 2817 and just added another skirt layer! So here it is!

Hoping she can wear this whenever the mood strikes!!!! LOL! to the pool! Have a great day!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back-to-School dress

Hello Everyone!
The summer is winding down and we went school shopping the other day. The girls picked out school bags. Devon picked a simple bag with a zipper top and Brooklyn picked out a Minnie Mouse backpack from the Disney store. I made a dress to go along with it. Not sure she'll wear it the first day but sometime the first week. I made a Simply Sweet  and decorated it with Bows and Clothes designs of Minnie as several disney princesses. The applique designs were fun to do! After these pics were taken I did add some elastic under the arms to make it stretchy and non-gapping. I made it a little too!

 Be back later with more! I am beginning to make some things for our future trip to Disney! Yaa!
Thanks for reading,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Critter Jamboree Quilt

Hello everyone!!!!

I'm back from camping and finished a quilt today too! It's for my husband's cousin who just had a baby girl! Her name is Gemma and she is cute as a button! I am in love with my Slice Fabrique, as you know, and was so inspired by Shari Butler's new fabric line, that I had to make the new baby quilt with it!
First, I drew out my design which was inspired by the design card pamphlet's example. Then I cut all of the fabric and began the Slice Applique animals! I picked a monkey, a deer, a frog and a skunk! Not very girly I know but they were so cute and colorful!

Then I stitched the squares together and stitched the rows to make the center of the quilt!
Next I added a plain white border and some pretty yellow Sis Boom fabric outer border....and the quilt top was finished!
I made the backing out of some cute dot flannel I had so that it would be soft and cuddly! I layered the backing, batting and quilt top and pinned it all together.

Next step was the fun part! I quilted the blocks. For the corners and center, I just did a random stipple but for the four animals, I tried (for the first time) an outline stitch which is repeated. I followed the pattern in the yellow border and did a decorative stitch in the white border.

Lastly, I made the binding with some pretty Sis Boom strip fabric to match the colors in the quilt.

Here is the finished quilt! It's about 36" x 36" and I am so happy with how it came out! I hope the baby will love it!

With the completion of this quilt, I actually finished all of my summer projects! I am so excited! Now I will probably work on some stuff for the fall and Christmas. So what are you working on for the upcoming holidays?
Thanks for reading along and have a super week!!!