Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dumbo Circus!

Hello Everyone!
Checking in from sunny (and snowless) Cape May! I hope all my friends north of me are safe and warm this morning!!!  It's a bright morning...very chilly however...but the kids are out riding bikes and scooters! I just finished an impromptu dress for  Brooklyn to wear to the Magic Kingdom. You may know that I am VERY excited about the Fantasyland Expansion in Disney. Well, apparently, Dumbo is being moved and reopened in the new area during our next trip!!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the scheduled reopen actually happens according to plan. In any case, this dress celebrates the new Dumbo area featuring circus tents and two Dumbo attractions! I would like to thank my DIS-friend, Alicia, for finding and sending me this fabric! I paired it with some dot fabric I had to complete the colorful circus theme! Of course, the pattern is  from the Scientific Seamstress..... click here!

This is the front...there was a breeze that was blowing it around!

 This is the back...

 Close up of some of the appliques. Message me if you need a link to the seller!

I also have another dress in the works for Devon plus another set for Magic Kingdom! The girls may end up changing! Very exciting stuff! Have a blessed Sunday! Be back soon!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sister dress complete!

Hello Everyone!
I sure hope it is as nice where you are as it is here this weekend! We enjoyed a little camping and while I love creates so much laundry! So today, we got home, started the laundry, graded papers, watched the Eagles game and I finished up Brooklyn's coordinating Hollywood Studios dress. Her dress has purple everywhere where Devon's was pink!!
The lighting was so bright outside, I couldn't tell if the pics would come out better in it or the I took some in both!!!

Gotta love the original Mickey Mouse!!! Have you ever seen this cartoon? So I am off to decide what to make next! I'll keep you posted on the progress....thanks for looking!!

By the way, all of these Disney outfits will probably be for sale after our trip and donations will go to Power of 10 for Give Kids the World. I will let you know when and where and how to do this when the time comes!

Have a super week everyone!!
God Bless,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hollywood Studios here we come!

Good Morning! Happy Columbus Day to all! 

I took the opportunity on this extended weekend to sew a little bit and finished this dress for Devon! I love high contrast like this so much I am making another one but with purple for Brooklyn!

Here are the appliques laid out, ready to assemble...

And here is the finished dress (from many

I keep forgetting to say that the pattern for all of these Disney dresses is the Simply Sweet by the Scientific Seamstress....and to do the skirt I made it like the StripWork dress, also by the Scientific Seamstress....I kind of combined both patterns! The designs I bought from two different me if you need them!

No rest for the to make another one! Have a great day everyone! Thanks for looking!
God Bless,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hi Ho...Hi's off to work I go!

Hello All,
Yes I am really still here! Work keeps getting in the way of my sewing! I arrive home so exhausted that I am only really able to sew on the weekends between activities! This past weekend we all enjoyed my daughter Devon's 8th birthday! Happy Birthday Devon!!! We had a safari theme pizza party which included a hayride and pumpkin picking then a pizza party! Fun! (There is Devon in the Zebra dress!)
After the party excitement calmed down, I finally finished the last details of my latest creation. I have wanted to make a Snow White and Seven Dwarfs dress for many years. Since this is the last trip that I am going to make a lot of custom outfits for, I went for it! I am also very much into the new Fantasyland Expansion going on at Disney. One of the upcoming attractions will be the Snow White Mine train and so I wanted something on the dress as a "nod" to the FL expansion. I tried my best to copy the innovative ride system. I am sooo excited about the whole project.

Without further ado...the dress:

I made a large and small yo-yo and layered them. Then I sewed a button in the center and attached it to the dress.(above)
Here is the back of the dress with the Mine Train..... (below)

I hope Brooklyn likes her new dress!

My next project will be a dress for Devon...for Hollywood and white will be involved!  Have a great weekend everyone! God Bless,