Thursday, June 9, 2011

What will be my next Girl's World Project???

We are all enjoying our copy of Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli! What a beautiful, inspiring book!  I just love looking at all of the gorgeous photos and fabric!!! Ohhh la la!! I know I am going to make many more projects from the book this summer but I (we) put my toe in the water with these two so far.
Today's story begins with cutting blocks and deciding how to arrange the fabric on the Memory board:

This was a gift for a friend's daughter whose favorite colors were purple and pink!

I kept rearranging and then once decided, sewed and quilted the top. I added the ribbon and it was done....super fun and easy to do:

And I am not the only one making these. After my 13 yr old saw this, she decided to get in on the action and made this board. I helped with the ribbon but she cut and sewed all of the blocks:

It's now happily hanging in her room! Yaa!

When the time came to decide on gifts for my youngest two to give to their teachers, well, what better way to say thank you than a memory board?!!!! So the girls helped me pick out fabric and ribbon and off I went. For these I added a little batting and a ribbon to hang it all from. I also picked up a cute "teacher" notebook and printed out a few pictures of the girls with their teachers. Soooo cute... or should I say Sew Cute?! These are so fun to make!

So here are the finished boards:

The girl's can't wait to bring these into the teachers next week! Yaaaaa only a few days left of the school year until summer!

Speaking of summer, another cute Girl's World project was a special request of Devon. She asked me to make a Tellulah Dress with some zebra fabric I had sitting around. I am going to make a bunch more of these with some pretty Sis Boom fabric...great for summer!!! This was also an easy dress...great for a beginner too! I made it in one afternnoon! I traced the pattern onto paper and cut it out. Pinned to the fabric and cut it out. The assembly process was quick and whalaa...done!

I also have my eye on a few other projects in this fabulous book to try very soon! The George the Puppy is a must-do and the floral lampshade. Can't get by without making the Annabel Apron for our summer cooking camp and the list goes on. Needless to say, I am going to get my money's worth on this pretty book!

You can pick up your own SIGNED copy of Girl's World here! I'd love to see what you make!!!
I will leave you with  a pretty Sis Boom apron I recieved as a gift...I am so excited about it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your memory boards are so Ooh la la! Se Magnifique!(not sure about the se. It's what Fancy Nancy says! Haha!) Okay I am loving the last shot of the zebra dress. Just so perfect! What a SWEET gift! That is one of my fave Casey prints. I bought yards of it a while back! I am loving your blog! =D OH and be warned you will get stuck on the George Puppies. They go SO FAST and they are so squeal worth. Don't say I didn't warn ya! Hahaha!

  2. I love seeing all the Sis Boom enthusiasm. And Jenny is right about those George Puppies. You could end up with a whole litter in no time. :)

  3. You ladies crack me up! I put George Puppies on the sewing list for the weekend.....perhaps I should start an adoption list as well! LOL!