Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello and Welcome to Sewing Stories

I would just like to begin by saying that there are some awesomely talented crafters, quilters and seamstresses out there! My hope is that no matter how much sewing or crafting you have done, this blog will inspire you to continue to learn and grow! There are lots of projects, ideas and lets put it together here and share it!

My Sewing Room

I recently updated this combo sewing/play room so that I could not only work but my girls could join in the same space with me if they wanted to! Here are a few pics...

So I am so very fortunate to have a space to work in and I am totally enjoying it. Even this space was inspired by so many others who have been kind enough to share their ideas and reasons for arranging their rooms like they did! In my next post, I will begin sharing my first story!
Thanks again for coming along!
God Bless,


  1. Cathy! It's all so beautiful! I wanted to do the SAME thing with my space so Kelsey could play while I am in there sewing! GET OUT! You are living my dream! Your new blog is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jenny for your kind comments! The space is so much more fun...we call it our Girl! I just went to Target and bought a bunch of Closet Maid can totally do it Jenny! The girls and I love being together!
    Thanks again!