Friday, June 10, 2011

Slice Fabrique

Hello All!
Although I have an embroidery machine that I LOVE, I couldn't help but become interested in the Slice Fabrique, which is a new cutting machine that can cut fabric!! Here is the website  and here is a cool utube video.  I read several reviews and really couldn't resist. So about a week later this arrived:

So, I took it out and charged it up and tried it out. I did read the directions and it is very simple to use. I picked an easy flower applique and some scrap fabric to test it out on.
 See? It is so easy and fast! I tried it again with a slightly different size....

And there you go..three cute appliques in about 2 minutes! I can see that I am going to get a lot of use out of this thing!

They are releasing 5 new design cards any time now! Check these out! I can't wait to add to my collection! So the story continues because my daughter asked me to help her with a "team shirt" for school for Friday. She was going to take a Sharpie marker on a blank tee and write on it. I suggested we try out the new Slice instead. She agreed! Yaaaa! 

We reused an old tee shirt since she is only going to wear it once. We decided to cover the old applique (see above) with white fabric and "7R Rocks" (her school team). Then we picked out some pretty stripped fabric, ironed on wonder under and put it on the hands-free cutting board. I love the magnetic hands-free board. A definite must buy for this system!

So here it is cutting out the first number!

 You can select from size 3" up to 5" in half inch increments...soooooo awesome! We picked 4" for the back of the shirt and 3" for the front!

Once you cut out your letters/numbers, you lift the fabric and use a little spatula to peel off the letter from the board. Quick and easy!

We arranged the letters on the white fabric after removing the backing and ironed everything on the shirt.

Since she is just wearing this once, I didn't sew around anything. If you are going to wash and wear this, then you should stitch around the letters as you would for an applique. You can use a satin stitch or applique/blanket stitch. Here is an example of an applique stitch I tried with my machine:
So here is our final project...

The machine really made this quick and easy. I can tell you I would NOT have appliqued all of those letters using my embroidery machine or attempted to cut them out by hand....for her just to wear for a few hours to school. I am really happy to be able to incorporate appliques quickly and easily onto projects. 

I'd love to hear new ideas and uses for the Slice Fabrique! Let me know if you have some!


  1. Super cute and great for what you used it for. You have me curious about this machine, therefore, I will NOT click your link and check it out further! LOL! It looks fabulous!!

  2. Hahahaha Jessica! Well you make such gorgeous appliques that you probably don't need this...but I will tell you....the lettering alone is fabulous for you. Just sayin' ;)