Saturday, June 11, 2011

George the Puppy!

I love showing the girls how to craft and sew! Due to rain, our morning plans were canceled so Devon asked to make George the Puppy, from Jennifer Paganelli's new book, Girl's World

First, she picked out fabric.  She liked the ribbed knit I had in pink and matched it up with some Sis Boom. We traced and cut out the pattern:

Next, we pinned the pattern down and cut out the ears and body! She was very careful and  was able to cut around the ears with really sharp sewing scissors! I did the body.

Next we ironed them and pinned and stitched the ears and body. I couldn't take pics of the actual sewing process since I was helping her with "steering" the sewing machine!
She turned the stitched up puppy right side out all by herself and then ironed him!

 Next up was stuffing him. I showed her the trick of using the eraser end of a pencil to get the stuffing in small spots. 

 I whip-stitched the opening (Devon helped for a few stitches) and he was complete! One George the Puppy, made by Devon!!!! (and a little help from mom!)

We are off to make one for Brooklyn now! These are great fun projects for the kids! Better than build-a-bear! Course, now the puppy's will need clothes, huh???????

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

God Bless,

Adding in the newest George the Puppy! Get well Brooklyn! 

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