Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Sneak Peak!

As you may know, I am a huge Scientific Seamstress and Sis Boom fan. I mean I eat, sleep and breath their patterns and fabric. The rich colors and gorgeous fabric of Sis Boom coupled with the fantastic detailed instructions and fit of the Scientific Seamstress patterns....well, sometimes I just have  no words to describe the collaboration. The testing process is in progress for the next new pattern but I have a sneak peak for you!

Our story begins with the pattern! I usually print it out since I don't have a laptop (at home) or ipad2 or wireless or anything cool like that....

Then I print out the pattern pieces and tape together the ones that need it! Then I cut out my fabric...

Next up I began on the had a pretty princess seam....

And a few darts...made easy with Carla's directions!!! I am not kidding!

Next I worked on the sleeve facing....bias tape, comfy and fast!

I did the collar can have the facing inside or out, same fabric or contrast. I picked a contrast on the outside!

Then I added the belt and skirt...

Now, the zipper part is next. I probably couldn't sew in a zipper on my own but I love Carla's suggestions! They work! And wha-laaa.....

That was it...all finished!
I wore it to work the next day and lived happily ever after!

I wouldn't normally make a dress in this style for myself because I would be afraid it wouldn't look right on me (I am not exactly thin).  I was pleasantly surprised though. I received a lot of compliments and I am making several more! It's super comfy and stylish at the same time! 
The pattern will be available soon and there is also a coordinating child's sweet! Score!!!


  1. hahaha! So are you going to be a guest blogger? Photograph your next project!!! Or maybe you can show some of your awesome Girl's World projects! I am posting that update next!