Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lucy Halter Dress is live!!!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having a good week. I am so excited to present the newest collaborative pattern by the wonderful Carla aka Scientific Seamstress, and Jennifer Paganelli, the talent behind Sis Boom!!! It is called the Lucy Halter Dress!!!
As you may recall, I made a dress for Devon a while back that looked like this:

It is called the Tallulah Halter Dress and it is from Jennifer's book Girls World. Such a fun, cute dress! Well, we now have a mama version and, after much testing,  is just about ready to go out!!!! It is one thing to make a cute halter dress for girls, and quite another to make one for the ladies. They know.....curves and all. Which adds up to many ill-fitting patterns, at least the ones I make. (Confession: I cannot alter a store-bought pattern. I really should take a class on how to tailor clothing. But alas, I have not.) So the best part is, Carla took care of all of that. Really. This pattern actually fits and you have lots of options. You can make the bodice two different ways and size the bodice according to your specific shape and bra size. You can also choose the length...from top length all the way to maxi-dress length! You can mix fabrics or go with just one. And it sews up fast. Carla has such a knack for explaining things well. So here is my testing version of the Lucy Halter Dress:

The pattern runs from from size 0-1 to size 3X.  I saw some tester pictures of pre-teen/teen girls wearing the Lucy and it is looks absolutely great on them too. Perfect for the hot summer weather or a warm vacation location! Although the back is open, it is not immodest in my opinion. But, I did see some of the younger models wearing it with a tank top underneath or a crop sweater/cardigan over top....and it still looks so cute! So many ways to have fun with it. I will post a link to the stores once the pattern goes up! Be ready! This is a great one!

It's here! It's here! Here is a link to the Etsy store:


In other sewing news, Devon and I made a bed set for her American Girl Doll bed. One of the comforters got caught up in the vacuum somehow...whoops! So we wanted to make a replacement. Devon picked out the fabrics and helped to stuff the pillows.

All of the cats and dogs LOVE their new bed! Haaa...luckily these don't leave hair all over the place!


Speaking of zebra print fabric.....Jennifer Paganelli's newest line came out and check it out for the fun stripes and bold prints! It's called Super Fly and here is a look at it!


I also want to give a shout out to an Etsy store I recently ordered from. It's called Boody Babies and they have all kinds of labels and destash fabrics available. Here is the great part. I ordered custom labels and received a conversation back right away. After describing what I wanted, she made a sample for me. It was perfect. Here is the amazing part. My labels were in the mail the NEXT morning, less than 24 hours from my first conversation. Wow! So here they are...

 They iron right on the fabric! And work great! yaa! 


And also, according to my daughter, I really should stick to sewing and not cake decorating! haa!! This poor cake wasn't a pretty sight.....but tasted pretty good! Happy 14th Birthday to my awesome daughter Sarah! Love you girl!!!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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  1. Can you wear a bra with this or do you just go without?