Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello March!

Happy Almost Spring!!!!! I'm back! I haven't blogged for a while...sooo sorry! I was so busy sewing and preparing for our trip that I didn't get a chance to blog about it. But here I am!

Hope you are enjoying some nice spring weather. Prayers go out to those facing tornadoes to the west....stay safe! So I mentioned before that my garden was going to bloom early and it did! I haven't even gotten out there to rake or anything....but they don't care.....the daffodils are happily looking around!

So onto the sewing portion of the blog update! ha! I left you with the promise of a couple of dresses...which blended into one dress as time dwindled. The girls and I chose specific appliques for the dress and I modified the pattern to try to include them all. This dress called the Grace Ruffle Dress is just beautiful...check out this link. I made it with 8 panels instead of 4 panels and it had lots of twirl!

So this Magic Kingdom dress contains appliques from each "Land" is the front:
 Here is a side view...
 And here is the back:
I love it on Devon and she didn't want to take it off! She jumped and twirled in it for awhile.
 Sorry about the sideways pic....I rotated it in iPhoto but when websites go to capture the picture, it goes back to being sideways. Not sure how to fix that since there is no editing....any suggestions?
So this was my final creation for our Disney trip! The dresses filled an entire closet at our resort!
To see all this sewing in action, I am writing a trip report on my other blog....though I am sort of waiting to get back my photopass cd before I go much farther! We had a wonderful trip and I met up with many of my sewing friends......what fun! :)

After all of that excitement, I had to settle back into work and learn a whole new operating system. I haven't finished exploring. I still need to see about getting the new computer to interface with my sewing machine so we shall see. The girls and I have gotten in some sewing time in the mean time. First thing first. I organized my fabric. I had purchased lots of fabric from a fabric swap on Facebook and it just sat in a pile. I also had an entire bin of scraps that weren't getting used and just piling up. So I refolded and wrapped everything....
I have white fabric and my Jennifer Paganelli fabric on the top shelf...
 Solids ...
 More novelty...
 Fat Quarter Shop fat quarter fabric for my next quilt on the right..

Now that I am organized, both girls picked out some doll clothes to make! Brooklyn helped me select some back-to-school scraps for an outfit. She helped pick out the pattern and cut out the pieces too. I forgot to take pics of her helping. By the time I started sewing, she lost interest and went away to do other important things like dance and play with her! But, here is the final result....

So, this is from Carla's doll pattern collection which is going to be available soon on the Etsy store! I'll let you know when it is! 

Speaking of Carla, did you know the Devon pattern is out and available now???? Isn't it gorgeous?????? 
We are so excited about this pattern! We just LOVE Jennifer Paganelli's gorgeous fabrics and beautiful ideas! I am still on a Girls World project kick! My Devon has been asking for an apron and picked out one from the book the other day! She picked out her favorite Sis Boom fabric and sewed along with me! This apron is from Girls World and is called the Annabel Apron with Frilly Pocket...
 Cutting out the fabric... (yup...sideways again )
 Sewing the pocket
 Pocket attached...
 Sewing the pocket on the other side....this apron is reversible!
 Pocket is all done!
 Adding the ruffle...

And here it is all finished...such an easy fun project to do with your girls!

 This wonderful book is available here and it is filled with many great projects such as this apron!
For our next sewing project, Devon is making a quilt and pillows for her American Girl doll bed! We started but have to finish! I'll show you that next time! Ok so I am off to do just that! Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the early morning light this week before we "spring forward" next week! 
God Bless,

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