Friday, July 29, 2011

A "Slice" of Summer :)

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying this warm summer weather! I've been sewing mid-day to escape the worst of the heat and humidity! We also went camping at a place that had a waterpark/pool! Very refreshing and I brought along a sewing project! So here is what has been going on since I finished that huge quilt....I tried to get a bunch of little projects done!
First, a friend asked if I would make her a coupon organizer so I did!  She's a fellow disney fan so I made it with some Mickey and Minnie fabric I had!


Next project was something I was looking forward to doing for a while.  I decorated some onesies using my new Slice Fabrique. I picked some cute designs...a ballerina, a fairy and a butterfly. I also added the baby's name (or I thought I did) below the design. Silly me didn't spell it right so I had to fix it afterwards.
Here is the Slice in action....

Stitching down the design...
 Original design with misspelling....opps!

 These are pics of the "fixed" name and designs....

I am happy to report that the were delivered yesterday to the mom and she was very pleased! Yaa! I hope to make a few more of these in the future!!! (and find out the exact spelling first!)
Sarah got into the action and decided to make a George the Puppy from our favorite book, Girl's World. She has been updating and decorating her room so a bunch of these would be so cute on her cedar chest at the foot of her bed!


My next project isn't complete. I actually wanted to learn how to make "yo-yo's" with my two new yo-yo makers that I had purchased recently. I thought they would give some added dimension to sewing projects and use up some of my scrap squares I had cut. So I packed up a "sewing box" to bring along on our camping trip. I figured it would give me something to do during the downtime. 

So here is my "box" of supplies, directions on how to make the yo-yo's and my first two attempts. They are actually quite easy and fun to do while you are waiting and watching kids. I have a medium and small size yo-yo maker.
 Here I am down by the pool in the shade with my collection of yo-yo's! Fun! I was also listening to my Disney podcast and drinking a diet soda. Believe me I was quite content for several hours.
 I am not sure what I am going to do with the yo-yo's yet....I have two smaller quilts coming up so maybe I will add them to those. I thought they would look great on a bag or pillow too. You can add buttons or glittery centers and you can layer them as well. Lots of options! If you have any ideas....let me know!

 So today, as we were doing the laundry after our camping trip, Sarah asked to make a pillow with owls on it. She loved the Shari Butler design (Critter Jamboree for Slice Fabrique) that she had created to coordinate with her latest fabric line! Sarah picked out the fabric and helped me cut all of the different fabric shapes...

 Then she took off the paper backing and aligned the two "owls" on the fabric square.... then we ironed it down.
 Here is the cute design she was using....everything is labeled and it is so easy to follow along!
 Next, I "applique stitched" both owls with the thread colors that Sarah picked out....
 Gotta love that bright Ottlite!
 We added a border and backing and stitched and stuffed the pillow. Then Sarah had stitched the opening at the bottom and she was done!!!!

 One very happy camper! lol

She picked some cute monkey's for the backing from Urban Zoology by Anne Kelle ( I am in the Fat Quarter Club from the Fat Quarter Shop...I absolutely love, love, love getting fabric surprises every month~swoon!)

Here is George the Puppy and the new pillow on the cedar chest!!

Next up..I don't know...but something will be made to go with this vignette she is creating! LOL!

And there you have it...some random but important projects completed before during and after our little vacation!
Up next are two smaller quilts I have been dying to start all summer! So stayed tuned! 

PS: Oh and if you want to see the camping trip, its on my other here!

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  1. I love George - his fabric is great, and the ow3ls are wonderful.