Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special birthday gift!

Hello Everyone!!
I am just taking a break from cleaning and organizing (and getting things together for next week's yard sale). I wanted to share a little outfit I made yesterday! Its for a sweet sweet angel of a baby who is turning 1 this summer. I made the outfit from Michael Miller's line called Oh La La....really bright, fun and colorful! I found two great patterns from Whimsy Couture called the Criss Cross Tunic and Frilly Bloomers. The tutorials were great and I would definitely recommend them!! The tunic is reversible and I swapped out the back so it contrasted. I did add one other fabric for one of the butt ruffles too from another line. So here it is.....took some daytime pics on the fence before I mail it out!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday,


  1. Even though little girls in cute outfits like this turn into drama queens when they become teenagers, sewing for girls would be so much fun. This is precious.

  2. Yes, so true so true! LOL! Thanks so much Lisa :)